Way back in 2003 I started working on a sticky notes application for Windows called Curly Notes. I was trying to scratch a particular itch left by other sticky notes applications that had such wonderful features such as: non-resizable windows, windows that always stayed above other application windows, no way to manage all notes in one spot.

Curly Notes worked fine…B- I suppose. I never fully fleshed it out and promoted it but instead packed it away to be mostly forgotten. That was until I started getting an itch again storing sets of semi-disposible notes in VS Code or Notepad++ and never being quite satisfied with using these applications for these types of notes. So, I dusted off the 2003-era WinForms application and started bringing it forward into the future (let’s say 2004 or 2005). Windows continues to lead in backwards compatibility and there’s no use throwing away working code, so Curly Notes is now:

Gooey Notes!

Gooey Notes lets you:

Write Some Notes

Gooey Notes title

Manage Those Notes

Manage Notes window

Quickly Access Features with the Handy Tray Icon

Tray icon

Download it today! Don’t forget to tell Windows that you do indeed intend on saving and running this file despite that I have not yet gotten it digitally signed.