In an attempt to ensure my site is kid-friendly, I have revisited my Web Site Archive and added a tiny bit of censoring of text and images. Despite not striving to do so, most of the content I have posted over the years is surprisingly mostly OK for kids. But, a few words/images/themes cropped up in these pages that I wouldn’t put into a childrens’ book and didn’t add significant content to the pages, so I censored them. The point of the Web Site Archive was to help paint a picture of my web development over the years, rather than to re-iterate any particluar thoughs I had when I was creating them.

The content isn’t really gone, just obscured a bit, so the genius kids will figure out how to see it anyway if they really want to (I’d be delighted if they spend that much time reading to care).

The Curly Fish symbol has not been censored. It’s not intended to be sacrilege, only an homage to my friend’s dog and parodying the ridiculousness of the ichthys copy-cat bumper stickers that were prolific in the late ’90s.